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Safety Tips

What is Letterboxing?

GO and Explore the Universe! is based on the outdoor hobby of letterboxing, where elements of orienteering, navigation, and puzzle solving are combined. Letterboxing first began back in 1854 in Dartmoor, England. Hikers once hid letters or postcards in a box along a trail. The next person to find the box would then collect and mail those postcards. Today, instead of postcards being hidden in boxes, people leave a unique stamp and logbook in letterboxes. The finder then stamps their personal logbook – recording their find – and also leaves their own personal stamp, if they have one. Again, this year, we are using a unique picture located on a post that you must rub to record your find. You may also have heard about geocaching, an outdoor hobby similar to letterboxing but that requires the use of a GPS (Global Positioning System) device instead of written clues. For more information about letterboxing or geocaching, check out: or

Things to Remember:

Every outdoor activity, including letterboxing, has some risks and dangers. You could get hurt, meet up with wild animals and bugs, and touch poisonous plants. Here are a few reminders as you hunt for launch pads with other GO Lebanon! kids this summer:

Finding GO Lebanon! Launch Pads:

One Easy = It’s easy. You must walk a short distance on fairly level ground.

Two Moderate = It’s a little harder. You must either walk a long distance on fairly level ground, or a short distance with some hills.

Three Hard = It’s tough. You must walk a long distance with many hills and obstacles.

Distances to all launch pads were measured using a standard smart phone app. All distances are roundtrip, unless otherwise noted, based on following the clues as written from starting point to the post and backtracking to the starting point.


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