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Getting Started

Now entering its fifth year, Get Outdoors (GO) Lebanon! continues to encourage Lebanon County children and families to read and be physically active during the summer months. This summer WellSpan Health and Lebanon County Libraries are excited to partner in encouraging you to GO and Find Your Story! That story may be something you read, something you do, something you learn or something you discover - it’s your story. Stories connect us. They engage our spirit, spur our imagination, and help us explore our dreams. Stories enliven our existence. They help us discover other stories, learn about other people, and open up a world of possibilities. Amazing things happen when people connect with others and the world of reading, writing and storytelling allows connections to happen. As you venture through this summer’s program, look for your story and share it with others along the way.

This summer, GO Lebanon! helps you explore many stories and introduces you to folk tales, mythology and fantasy while you search for fifteen “story pages” — wooden marker posts with a unique etching attached — that are hidden in various local and state parks. Take this Storybook, along with the rubbing sheet you received at any Lebanon County Library and GO and Find Your Story!

When you find the story page, you will see the unique etching, along with a 4-digit code. Make sure you remember this code (take a picture, write it down, etc.) and don’t forget to enter it into the Beanstack app to earn credit for your hike. If you choose to do the rubbing on your rubbing sheet, please be sure to follow social distancing practices and sanitize your hands afterward. Rubbing sheets will not be collected this year, so they are yours to keep. But remember — to receive credit for your hikes, you must enter the codes online in the Beanstack app. See the Rewards and Prizes page on this site or in your Storybook (p. 24) for details. Also, don’t forget to check out the rest of this site for additional information, including recommended library books, story nuggets, outdoor safety tips, summer parks programs, and more.

In addition to “finding story pages,” you can Find Your Story! by visiting any Lebanon County Library, checking out and reading a few books about dragons, mermaids, leprechauns and unicorns. Reading this summer will grow your reading and learning abilities. Come visit a Lebanon County Library to get your Summer Quest materials and start earning points toward great prizes! More information can be found at

Make sure you read pages 21-23 in your Storybook for information on using the Beanstack app. You can also go to our Downloads page to get a copy of those pages.

Now get outdoors, have fun, and Find Your Story!


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Lebanon County Libraries and WellSpan Health–Good Samaritan Hospital would like to thank the following municipalities, organizations, and park systems for allowing GO and Find Your Story! story pages to be located at their respective sites:

Community Health Council of Lebanon County

North Lebanon Township

AES Ironwood

Palmyra Borough

City of Lebanon

Clarence Schock Park Governor Dick

Jackson Township

Lebanon Valley Rails to Trails

North Cornwall Township

North Londonderry Township

Pennylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR)

Pennsylvania Game Commission

South Lebanon Township

Union Township

Lastly, thanks for joining us for another summer of exploring parks and trails throughout Lebanon County. We hope that you and your family found new locations to visit throughout the year and learned about different story pages. The world is a big place, we encourage you to GO and Find Your Story!


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